York Barbell in conjunction with Steve Jones (now Perfect Gym Solutions) worked with Mike Eccles (Head of Strength and Conditioning) at London Broncos to enhance the fitness equipment provision at their Bushey Park facility.

The training facility features two training rooms. Room one features three York Barbell Power Racks with integrated Olympic lifting platforms and is the main group training room for the squad.

Flat to incline benches, Olympic barbells and bumper plates are used on the Power Racks for strength and conditioning work.

As well as weight training exercises the club use the platforms for resistance work via strength bands and add further weight to chin up via dip belts.

Room 2 is predominately machine based featuring our Leg Press and two ham glute machine. The room focusses more on player modification and rehabilitation from injury rather than group exercise.

It allows the club to work with players to ensure they continue to develop and recover after games and injury. For example the leg press is used when player are not able to vertically load (squat).

A further York Barbell Power Rack with integrated Olympic lifting platform features in the room for the purpose of more dedicated one on one strength work.

Head of strength and conditioning Mike Eccles commented:

“ The equipment is brand new and first class which allows us to increase the range of exercises we can do with the players ”

The install was completed 10 working days after the order was placed due to the high stock coverage York Barbell maintain in the UK warehouse.

Equipment Selection

  • York Barbell STS Power Racks with integrated inserts and platforms x 4
  • York Barbell STS Flat to incline benches x 4
  • York Barbell Glute ham machine x 4
  • York Barbell STS leg press x 1
  • York Barbell Rubber Bumper plates x 600 KG
  • York Barbell Men’s 7’ Elite Olympic Training bars x 4