“Our product ranges have been developed over 8 decades of experience and knowledge focused around our core ideology of improving athletic ability through weight training.”

York Barbell commercial Olympic weightlifting and strength and conditioning products are used throughout the world by professional sports teams, strength gyms, Crossfit boxes, personal trainers and premium home gyms.

As the pioneers of Olympic lifting we are proud of our heritage and continue to manufacture and distribute quality strength and fitness products that enhance athlete performance. We carry large stocks in the UK and can provide a solution for any gym, studio or training facility looking for durable, professional kit built to last.

Olympic Barbells

York Barbell has been the industry leader in weight bar development and manufacturing for the past 85 years. Built to last and engineered to perform at the highest level, they are forged from strong, flexible, pure USA steel. With over 8 decades of expertise you can be confident every lift with York Barbell.

York set the bar when it comes to Olympic lifting, its where it all began for us. Our premium barbells are manufactured from the highest grade quenched, tempered and stress relieved high tensile steel for maximum strength and flexibility. We stock a definitive range of men’s and women’s Olympic barbells. Our elite Olympic competition bars meet Olympic weightlifting specifications, with the elite Olympic training barbells and power bar completing the premium line up. Our extensive international and chrome barbell range cover all elements of Olympic movements and training. The black oxide barbell range provides a visually stunning option that can really set you strength gym apart. Specialty bars like the innovative rock and roll, shrug lift bar provide design details to make training easier and safer.

Olympic Weight Plates

We love the sound of cast plates in the morning! There are more weights in the world branded York than any other manufacturer. From old school strength gyms using our famous cast iron to rubber bumpers in modern Crossfit boxes you will never be far from a York plate.

From precision bored 2″ Olympic cast plates for the ultimate strength gym look to our cutting edge interlocking thin line G2 Plates our range of weight plates deliver on value and performance. Our premium solid rubber bumpers plates are used extensively in Olympic lifting, strength and crossfit facilities. College gyms love our patented ISO-Grip plates which are easy and safe to handle. The G2 interlocking range are perfect all rounders and a great option for plate loading machines to the max.  For the full range download the brochure or visit our retail site.


Built to stand the test of time our Pro-Style and Rubber Hex dumbbells have been used in some of the toughest sporting and strength environments. Not good for repeat orders but our customers love them!

Highly durable, ergonomically designed premium York commercial dumbbells are used throughout the world by professional sports teams and strength and conditioning facilities. Built to last our legendary Pro-Style dumbbells are used in the toughest strength and conditioning environments from pro rugby teams to commercial strength gyms. The Pro-Style dumbbell features a shortened and fully knurled 33 mm solid steel handle for optimum control. Soft, non-metallic shoulders at either end of the bar cradle the hand ensuring a comfortable grip. This ergonomic design helps improves balance and control and reduces hand and forearm fatigue through over gripping. Our Rubber Hex Dumbbells are fully welded and perfect for crossfit boxes and strength gyms.

Weightlifting Racks & Platforms

Our STS Weightlifting Racks and Platforms can be perfectly integrate to create the optimum strength training facility. Initially developed for NFL and college gyms market in America the durable heavy duty 11-gauge steel STS racks have to be seen to be believed. Oak finished lifting platforms can be combined with the racks or used as free standing stations to provide ultimate training flexibility.

Our range of versatile strength and conditioning racks can cater for strength and conditioning gyms of any size. They are designed to enable athletes to perform all the strength exercises required by a coach/trainer safely and efficiently. Our double half rack is a great space saving design with two racks back to back allowing two athletes to train simultaneously supervised by one coach. The STS Power Rack is a premium self-spotting design but can be easily modified to allow training on the outside via the multitude of attachments available for all racks. Our STS Half Racks is the coaches favourite with its small footprint a contradiction to is multi-functionality. The STS Collegiate Rack completes the line-up and is the perfect solution for schools and colleges. The lifting platforms are finished in 19 mm solid red oak and coated with a polyurethane varnish for durability. Platforms can either be integrated into the racks or used as free standing areas.

STS Weight Benches

York Barbell Weight Benches are unrivaled in build quality and comfort.

The stand out bench in the range is the STS Multi-Function Bench. It features a spotter platform at the rear and easily adjusts from chest press to shoulder press positions. The key feature is the way it integrates into the racks. The bench can easily be attached to any of the racks via the bench stringer. This means you can easily relocate the bench to different areas increase the flexibility of your strength and conditioning area. A flat bench, bench press, seated preacher curl and flat to incline bench complete the STS line up all providing a stable and durable base for strength workouts.

STS Strength Training Machines

Designed to build ultimate power our strength machines include both plate loaded and selectorised options.

“Look at the size of that foot plate” is the most common response to clients viewing our STS Leg Press. The machine range is impressive both in functionality and looks. The plate loaded leg press, hack squat / front squat and counter balanced smith machine. The selectorised lat pulldown, low row and angled cable cross over offer huge weight stacks and deliver on performance. Our range of machine attachments perfectly compliment the range.

Functional Equipment

York Barbell functional strength and fitness equipment perfectly complement our strength and conditioning ranges.

York Barbell functional training equipment solutions include medicine balls, slam balls, kettlebells, boxing equipment, studio weights and boxing equipment.

This is just a showcase of some of our products. For more information our entire commercial range please download our brochure, or if you want to get started with your project then contact us today for a competitive quote!